Planting and establishing churches is a type of spiritual warfare. It is our contention that in order for the Pneuma Network to accomplish it's God-given vision, prayer must not only be the basis for all that we do but it must also cover every church and every kingdom endeavor we attempt! 

As a result, we have initiated an National Strategic Prayer and Intercession Team. This team is tasked with covering every PNC aspect, pastors and churches in prayer. This is our "rapid response" team as this group will be available to spring into intercession in instances of emergency. Our Prayer Team will also conduct regular network wide prayer vigils, training and provide prayer during our Regional Gatherings and National Events. Our Prayer Team will also oversee and seek to expand our National Pastors and Leaders Weekly Prayer Call. For more information on the PNC Intercessory Prayer Team please contact us.


2019 prayer & faith targets

Let us believe God, our Father, together for the following:

  • Help us be true to the Father’s ultimate intention and zealous for His glory
  • We ask for wisdom, discern and insight to effectively carry out His mandates to us
  • We pray for continued clarity of vision and mission; Reveal each aspect to us and every strategy for the work
  • We thank You for the vision, the know-how, the people and the resources to get all You desire done to Your glory
  • Thank You for the right partners, plan, provision and power to see this all come to fruition
  • Thank You for giving us all we need to plant Christian churches that will plant Churches and gather this end time harvest
  • Set the boundaries and make them clear to us how far we are to go and to believe You; Establish Your dimensions for this in our hearts; Let us hear You
  • Grace us with the spirit of understanding as an anointing and great wisdom and understanding in what you have assigned to us
  • Help us to model Your kingdom example of right relationship, fellowship and churches birthed in apostolic-prophetic and New Testament order and by Your Spirit
  • Teach us how to build a true network of New Testament, apostolic churches
  • Let us do no harm but good in Your sight
  • From beginning to end, make Pneuma what You want it to be
  • Gather together those you have ordained to be a part by Your Spirit
  • Keep our hearts sensitive to the voice of the Spirit; Give us apostolic hearts for Your people and the work; Let this always be about You and the leading of the Spirit; Never let PNC become an idol for any of us; You be Lord and God; Your agenda and never ours; Help us to transition our local churches and partnering churches into being more and more New Testamental